how tall do you need to be to dunk a basketball

Ask VJD: How Tall Do You Have To Be To Dunk?

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In this week’s user submitted question, we’ll be answering the question: How tall do you have to be to dunk a basketball on a 10 foot rim? A lot of basketball players dream of being able to dunk, but are under the false impression that dunking is a skill limited to only the tallest of people. With the average height …

Two male hands palming a basketball

How To Become Better At Palming A Basketball

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Michael Jordan is famous for his big hands (even by NBA standards) and he often used his palming ability to his advantage on the court. It’s also an essential skill in order to be able to consistently dunk a full-sized basketball. When I set my goal to be able to dunk a Basketball back in 2016, there were two major …

APL Basketball Shoes

Are Your Sneakers A Limiting Factor?

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We have all heard the various claims made by the many international footwear companies that their brand of basketball shoes will make you run faster, jump higher and play better, but how much actual truth is there in these claims?