About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Max and I’ve been in love with Basketball for a LONG time.

In my opinion, other sports simply cannot match the sheer style of seeing a pro navigate their way around the court and perform a monster dunk or elegant fadeaway shot.

It was only natural for me to decide on Basketball as THE sport I would focus on.

I set up this website because I wanted to share my experiences and expertise I have gained with those of you who might share a similar story.

A Mediocre Athlete

Actually, ‘mediocre’ is an overstatement. When it came to sports at high school, I was BELOW average if anything.

I didn’t play in the Basketball team, but it was a big personal hobby of mine. I guess I started late, and I never really considered myself as someone who could make it.

I’d play some ball with my bros at Arizona State University, but watching NBA games was probably my biggest connection with Basketball.

Looking back, I kind of wish my parents pushed me at an earlier age to pick it up sooner and take it more seriously, but I guess everyone would like to have things gone differently when they were young, right?

Me Today. Yes, I go to the gym a lot and am nothing like how I was back in High School.

A Big Dream

When I was 19, I was obviously not under any illusions of making it into an amateur league let alone the NBA.

But like pretty much anyone, I was happy living a normal life and just glad that Basketball was something I could enjoy in my downtime.

During a long summer break in 2016, I was just really feeling Basketball again, after playing some NBA 2k16 on my PS4.

I figured that just being able to dunk a basketball would give me an immense boost in self-confidence and pride.

6-foot Tall

I measure 6ft tall – in the mornings at least. It’s a decent height, but in the world of Basketball it’s definitely small.

Combined with my mediocre athleticism, the odds were stacked against me. Dunking the ball would be no easy feat.

One Long Summer Break

With almost 3 months off, what better opportunity would there be for me to go all-in on training to dunk a ball?

To be honest, in the beginning I was more curious than anything – how many people in a position like me were actually able to dunk?

The answer is not many. I had plenty of friends taller than me, and even they weren’t close to being able to dunk.

What Could I Do Differently?

The truth is, barely anyone will really bother training to dunk. It’s boring and you don’t even know how to train. Obviously increasing your vertical leap is key, but how can you do that?

Go to the park and do some jumping jacks?

That’s when I realized that I wasn’t the only person with this ambition. And as you can imagine, where there’s a demand there’s going to be a solution.

After doing some research, I realized there were a lot of free resources that showed you basic exercises to train your jump. My jump DID improve over a week and was a glimmer of hope.

I then began to realize there were a bunch of Jump Programs tailor-made with the sole purpose of increasing your vertical leap.

And So The Journey Began…

That’s when I started my first Vertical Jump Program, Vert Shock. I’m not going to tell you what happened next, as this whole website practically relates to that. If you want to read my journey and see my results, ready My Vert Shock Story.

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