Jump Manual Review: How Does The Original Jump Program Hold Up in 2018?

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  • Overview

    Format: Digital Download
    Course Duration: 12 weeks

    • Increases vertical by at least 10 inches
    • Special equipment optional
    • Suitable for all ages
    • Money back guarantee

Unless you’re new here, you’ve probably seen me mention The Jump Manual a number of times.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, it is THE original extensive jump program that features video instruction.

It isn’t the flashiest program around, but it is a tried and tested program that has gotten people fantastic results with evidence to back it up.

At the end of the day, all Jump Training Programs have a lot of similarities, so naturally they all work to some degree.

BUT since you’re going to commit to just one, you want to make sure you’re getting the BEST one for you.

Despite purchasing the Jump Manual all the way back in 2015, I never actually gave the program a full review as I didn’t complete the program from start to finish.

Well, fast forward a couple of years and I’ve had the chance to revisit it properly and I’m ready to share my experience and thoughts.

Who’s It For?

Understandably, most of the people who develop an interest in a jump program are people who want learn to dunk.

There’s simply NO WAY that you can be a fan of Basketball and not have the thought of slam dunking yourself cross your mind.

But unless you’re really tall or blessed with great athleticism, your fingers won’t even get a chance to touch the rim.

Just like how I was before.

Many people will just accept things and leave it at that. But if you’re really keen, the Jump Manual is designed to change that.

Deciding to start a 12-week program in order to jump higher is no easy commitment.

Simply put, the program is only for those who are really serious about jumping higher, otherwise you’re just throwing away money.

Not just Basketball…

Of course, the jump program will benefit those active in other Sports.

Even if you don’t care about Basketball, jumping higher is extremely important in Football, Volleyball, and useful in sports like Soccer and Tennis.

Let’s not forget that your physical fitness and explosiveness will skyrocket over the course of it, making you a better rounded athlete.

The training system will benefit athletes across many different sports.

The training system will benefit athletes across many different sports.

Meet Jacob Hiller, Your New Personal Trainer


Jacob Hiller, creator of Jump Manual

Jacob Hiller is the creator of The Jump Manual and has experience working inside professional basketball and Olympic team coaching staff.

More recently, his focus is on training professional dunkers (yes, there are people making a living from dunking alone).

He’s literally devoted years to creating the ultimate jump training program, combining sports science with years of coaching experience.

Everything in the training system is carefully planned out by him and he’s also the guy who’ll be demonstrating the exercises in the instructional videos.

He’ll also directly answer your questions, a very useful perk of being a member of the course.

You might not meet him in person but like it or not, you’re going to be seeing a lot of him. Fortunately, he’s a very likable guy.

The 10-inch Promise

The Jump Manual proposition is fairly simple – give it 12 weeks, and you’ll add at least 10 inches to your vertical – GUARANTEED or your money back.


The bold statement led it to being featured in ESPN, GQ, Men’s Health and other sports and fitness media outlets following its release.

Its booming success meant other jump programs sprung up, with varying degrees of success.

Before we answer the question ‘so does it work?’ let’s talk about how the program works and what it involves.

Jump Manual Program Structure


The training system is a digital download consisting of an eBook and exercise instruction library. Members also have access to an exclusive training area and forum.

First of all, I need to point out that the Jump Manual is a massive program. That’s both a good and bad thing.

You get a digital eBook consisting of 8 chapters, and then there’s the instructional video library.

The eBook portion is covers a lot of theory, before covering the actual workouts in the last two chapters. It’s main topics are:

  • Understanding Muscle ‘Explosiveness’
  • Speeding up recruitment of Twitch muscle fibers
  • Nutrition
  • The benefits of stretching and a good pre-workout
  • ‘Ultimate’ Pre-workout warm up
  • ‘Max Explosion’ workout

The first chapter is a real eye-opener, as it covers the 9 variables of muscle explosiveness.

An Exercise Routine You Won’t See At School/College

I feel like even good Basketball coaches are not fully aware of the bio-mechanical intricacies of the jump.

They typically care more about endurance, passing and ball handling, but won’t go out of their way to make you jump higher.

This is definitely something that is on YOU to learn and apply.

The video library is just as important, as it shows you step-by-step all the exercises of the program’s workouts.

Exercises include those you’ll already know about (squats, lunges) and a lot of ‘explosive’ variations or completely new exercises altogether.

Plyometrics are Key

Plyometric exercises drastically improve your vertical leap

Plyometric exercises drastically improve your vertical leap

Plyometrics are the foundation of any good jump program, and you’ll find plenty here.

These are simply exercises which you perform at high intensity, increasing the amount of force you generate in a small amount of time (i.e. power).

It’s important to differentiate between power and strength, as your body only has ~0.3 seconds to push off the ground before lifting off.

In that time span, your muscles can’t reach full contraction, but these exercises train them to contract quicker – and thus you jump higher.


Technically speaking, there aren’t any requirements other than some space to exercise.

Of course, the program is only suggested for those who are in a physically stable condition, without any pre-existing joint issues which could be aggravated by the intense nature of the workouts.

If you’re wondering, ‘am I too unfit to start?’ then don’t worry. All that means is your starting vertical probably blows and you’ll find it easier to make ‘newbie gains’.

If anything, it’s the NFL and NBA players who would benefit least from the program since they are so close or practically at their maximum potential.


Some exercises involve gym equipment, but you can always do the bodyweight alternatives if you don’t have access to that.

Do I Need Gym Equipment?

In terms of equipment, I would say you benefit from a Gym membership or home equipment (weights including a barbell) as Jacob does cover exercises which use these.

However, he is aware that not everyone has access, and provides bodyweight alternative exercises which are just as effective.

I should point out that when I dedicated 3 months to increasing my vertical by 10 inches, I did not use Gym equipment.

I actually have a cheap home gym setup, but because I knew on some days I would not have access, for the sake of consistency I kept to the bodyweight exercises.

It wasn’t a problem for me, so gym equipment is by no means mandatory.

So, Does It Work?

The answer is yes. But let me expand on that.

I personally gained close to 10 inches last year and landed my first dunk as a 6-foot male using another training program.

That was accomplished in a period closer to 8 weeks (as opposed to the Jump Manual’s 12 weeks) in a workout program which is very similar.

I am almost certain the Jump Manual would have produced similar results. Why? Because there are so many similarities.

How It Helped Me

Going over the Jump Manual this year (which is the second training program I’ve used) I added an additional 4 inches to the ~10 inches I gained last year.

Obviously there are diminishing returns to jump training programs, but I am closing in on the 40 inch mark.

Of course, the best part is that I can comfortably dunk a ball now. There’s no reason for me to talk about my journey in more detail, since I’ve already covered that in My Vert Shock Story.

I make sure to maintain my vertical as best as possible by doing some of the exercises every now and then.

A Little Criticism

Being the ‘original’ jump training program, Jacob has had to keep up with the times and update the Jump Manual to keep it ahead of its newer rivals.

The program itself is unchanged, which isn’t a problem as it will work just as well as it did 3 years ago.

However, the homepage still looks a little outdated, and the only update its had is a bunch of user reviews, praise and testimonials being added.

It’s great to know that people are loving the system, but I would prefer to see Jacob focusing less on that, and maybe re-recording exercise videos in full HD.

They’re still decent quality, but they’re starting to show their age in 2018.

More Content Than Necessary?

The other thing is I feel like the program could have been condensed into something smaller.

You get a little sense of information overload when you first go through it, even though technically speaking following the warm ups and ‘Max Explosiveness’ workout is where 90% of the results come from.

Perhaps splitting the eBook into a workout eBook and Theory eBook would make sense.

Should I get it?

Overall, the Jump Manual is a fantastic investment. You’ll reach new heights (pun intended) and if dunking is what you’re after, probably land your first dunk some time during course.

It includes weight training which isn’t a part of other programs, so if you have access to a gym equipment and want to make use of it, they’re a perfect match.

How Does It Compare With Other Similar Programs?

Of all the jump programs, the Jump Manual is the most theory heavy. I also believe it is the most complete jump training program out there.

With a Program Duration of 12-weeks, it is the longest program out of all the well-known jump programs.

That’s not a bad thing, jumping higher and landing your dunk doesn’t need to be a race.

If you love a mix of theory and practice, then fine, but if you’re interested in a more streamlined program, Vert Shock is a better alternative, IMO.

Be warned though, as with any other course you have to make a serious commitment as intensity and consistency are necessary to achieve success.

Don’t be that guy who gets hyped about something and then decides the actual work you have to put in is too tiresome or boring a few days in. I’ve seen it happen more often than not.

Start the Jump Manual program TODAY!

Purchase the Jump Manual and start using it immediately. 60-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

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